The Jarrah jumpsuit is glorious!!


  • Flattering V neckline
  • Invisible zip closure
  • No waist seam designed to suits all shapes + sizes
  • Drop crotch is comfortable for them, her or him + general movement throughout the day
  • Full facing
  • Can be cinched in at the waist with a matching sash or belt
  • Hem is designed to sit at a practical 7/8 length.
  • Pockets!

They can even be worn backwards!

Sizing: XXXS - 5XL

People come in all shapes + sizes. Our jumpsuit pattern was designed to minimise waste so all sizes utilise a similar meterage meaning everyone pays the same price!

FABRIC  Made of GOTS Certified Organic Linen / Cotton

While you may dismiss linen as a fabric only worn by 'women of a certain age', it was originally exclusively reserved for the aristocracy.  

It's been incredibly popular in fashion for generations because it is extremely durable yet lightweight so perfect for battling tropical or arid climates. We chose blend because it retains the softness + durability but is less likely to crush, making our garments as wearable as possible. 'Cos honestly, who looks forward to ironing?


Linen is highly absorbent + will quickly remove perspiration from the skin. Not only does linen absorb moisture, it quickly releases it back into the air. This is equally important in winter as your garment will dry quickly keeping you warmer for longer.

Using Linen has the added advantage that your jumpsuit won't lose its shape after washing. In fact, it should become softer + more comfortable over time.


Because each item is handmade here in Australia, exact placement of the pattern is unique to each individual item. No risk of showing up somewhere in the same outfit as someone else!


More than ever, we are making conscious choices when shopping for clothing. I am so proud that our fabrics are ethically sourced with minimal environmental impact. Did you know that linen is made from flax + that its cultivation is one of the most sustainable processes?

Flax plants are very resilient, can grow in poor soil + require very little water. Plus you can use every single part of the plant to make a multitude of products leaving little to no waste.

Organic linen + cotton are also biodegradable, breaking down in mere weeks. I am so proud that my venture won't contribute to the inordinate amount of textile waste worldwide.


Generally I suggest hand washing all MG garments in cold water without harsh chemicals (we love Earth Choice Wool Wash) + hanging by hem or laying to dry out of direct sunlight. 


Please allow 5 weeks turnaround time from order to dispatch. All MG items are handcrafted and made to order. I endeavour to dispatch as quickly as possible while still delivering a high quality item to cherish. Thank you for your patience.


Did you know you can wear the jumpsuit backwards with the zip in front to assist with access to nurse your bub? I know from experience those first months/years can be a time when feeling a bit stylish, even for a trip to the shops, can lift your spirits!