Having been many different sizes over the years + trying to navigate the quagmire of high street sizing, I know all too well the importance of getting your size right! Our garments are generous, designed to be loose but structured to have a bit of shape too. I do not suggest sizing up.

Please always check out your garment in your correct size.

Because the jumpsuits are unisex and customers are required to check their measurements, I have rejected traditional fashion sizing, opting for A-M instead.

I recommend checking the measurements of a similar garment you already own + love on the site from which you purchased it + compare to our sizing. The better option is to grab a dressmaker tape measure (i.e. not one from the hardware) + follow the instructions below.

Don't have a tape measure? Download this one here, print it out and stick together your tape.

After doing these, you then compare your measurements halved to those in the product size guides below each garment listing.

The most important measurements are your BUST + HIPS to ensure you have sufficient room for sitting, crouching, reaching, you know, just going about your day in your fab new item. 

Most garments Melaleuca Grove sells are handmade to order + due to being hand cut, items may vary by 1-2cm. 

I know the pain of FOMO but grabbing a different size with a note will not guarantee you'll get your correct size. I am available on release nights to move sizes around where possible but before checking out you will need to check that I can move sizes around for you. Please do not email to change sizes after check out. While I will do my best to make the change, I cannot actually edit orders once the orders are placed. 

PLEASE READ BELOW to determine your size ahead of release night


Chest (flatlay)
Measured from armpit around bust + back to same armpit
To measure: Place measuring tape around the LARGEST part of bust. Half this measurement will line up with sizing table.

Waist (flatlay)
Measured around the smallest part of waistline
Place measuring tape around the smallest part of your waist (generally midway between your bust and belly button). Half this measurement will line up with sizing table.

Note: Jarrah Jumpsuits do not have a seamed waist, the pieces run through from shoulder to hem. The Ironbark Dress has a drop waist.

Hip (flatlay)
Measure the circumference of your hips. Start at one hip and wrap the tape measure around your rear, around the other hip, and back to where you started. Make sure the tape is over the largest part of your buttocks. Half this measurement will line up with sizing table.

Torso (flatlay)
Place measuring tape at top of shoulder + measure down to lowest part of your crotch (it's helpful for someone you trust to give you a hand with this). This measurement will line up with sizing table.

Thigh (flatlay)
Measure the circumference of the fullest part of your thigh. Wrap the tape measure around your thigh from front to back and then back around to the front. You may be tempted to cheat by lowering the tape measure a few inches, but then you won't get an accurate measurement. Half this measurement will line up with sizing table.

Bicep (flatlay)
Measure the circumference of the fullest part of your bicep. Wrap the tape measure around your upper arm (i.e. halfway between shoulder + elbow) from front to back and then back around to the front.  Half this measurement will line up with sizing table.


The Jarrah Jumpsuit is a wide leg jumpsuit with no waist seam. Sleeveless with with a drop crotch and v neck, it is designed to suit most body shapes comfortably.


CHEST (cm)
WAIST (cm)
HIPS (cm)
TORSO (cm)
THIGH (cm)
A (4) 39.5 45.5 54.5 80 39
B (6) 42 48 57 81 40.4
C (8) 44.5 50.5 59.5 82 41.8
D (10) 47 53 62 83 43.2
E (12) 49.5 55.5 64.5 84 44.6
F (14) 52 58 67 85 46
G (16) 54.5 60.5 69.5 86 47.4
H (18) 57 63 72 87 48.8
I (20) 59.5 65.5 74.5 88 50.2
J (22) 62 68 77 89 51.6
K (24) 64.5 70.5 79.5 90 53
L (26) 67 73 82 91 54.4
M (28) 69.5 75.5 84.5 92 55.8
Melaleuca Grove Jumpsuit size guide
Melaleuca Grove sizing bright wide leg jumpsuit australia


Ironbark Dress

The Ironbark Dress features a scoop neck, drop waist with pleated full skirt and  a drop shoulder falling into an elbow length sleeve with a tailored tuck in its hem.


C (8) 49 46.6 38.3 105.4 14.6
D (10) 51.7 49.3 38.9 106.7 15.3
E (12) 54.5 52 39.5 108 16
F (14) 55.7 54.7 40.1 109.3 16.7
G (16) 57 57.4 40.6 110.5 17.4
H (18) 58.3 60.1 41.2 111.8 18.1
I (20) 59.6 62.9 41.8 113.1 18.8
J (22) 60.9 65.7 42.4 114.4 19.5

Brushbox Dress

The Brushbox Dress is a cocoon style dress featuring a scoop neck, no waist with lower back hem and cuffed sleeve. Comes with a separate waist sash.




A (4) 55.5 20.5
B (6) 57 20.6
C (8) 58.25 20.8
D (10) 59.5 20.8
E (12) 60.75 21
F (14) 63.25 21.5
G (16) 65.75 22
H (18) 68.25 23.5
I (20 70.5 24
J (22) 73.5 24
K (24) 76 24.5
L (26) 78.5 25
M (28) 81 25.5
brushbox dress sizing



After all of this, if you are unsure, please message me to ask questions prior to placing a order. I am absolutely happy to help answer any + all questions you may have.