One of the foundations of Melaleuca Grove is a commitment to sustainable process both environmentally and socially. I do this in several ways and have so from the very beginning:


I work with a wonderful supplier who has worked hard to secure many certifications for their organic fabrics including Ecocert, GOTS and Fair Trade.


They manufacture their fabrics on a small nursery (where they even grow organic vegetables). They use natural dye and use the leftover dye bath as manure and fertilizer. Fabric bits are given to recycling plants, fabric cuts are sold on cost or donated to students. Nothing is wasted.

Their packaging, likewise, is eco-friendly.

I use only organic materials up to 10% blend permissible by GOTS standards.



Certified Hero Packaging

I am proud to be a member of the League of Heroes.

All packaging, labels, even the tape used is biodegradable.

Using compostable HEROPACK mailers is a great step towards reducing the amount of plastic waste which ends up in our environment. 

The swing tags are printed on recycled stock and I chose to employ a simple jute string rather than something cheaper with plastic fastenings.